Saturday, November 10, 2007


I often wondered what kind of post would push me up toward the 100-comment mark. Sure, I suspected it may be a giveaway, but I never, ever thought it would be for a DVD of a kids' show that people can watch on their regular cable/satellite every day of the week.

What's up with you people? Nothing personal but, for all of you who said you don't like Little Einsteins, you lie! You sing the theme song in the shower, and we all know it!

Given current events, I shouldn't be surprised. First it's lead paint on millions of toys, now it's the date rape drug in Aqua Dots. After all the concern about too much screen time, about brain cell damage caused by the boob tube, it turns out a screen is the safest thing for our kids to play with. I never saw that one coming, either.

So, all you adorable and eager Little Einsteins enthusiasts, we have a winner. I'm sorry for the delay but we had printer issues, and unlike Y, I do NOT love you guys enough to write down 80 some-odd names, let alone 200. I am no Y, this I know. Plus I'm lazy.

Anyway, the winner! Karen, come on down! You are the winner of Wonder Mom's most-entered giveaway contest ever! Wooo hooo! Send me your address, and I'll get this prized DVD out to you ASAP.

Congrats, and thanks to all you Einstein FREAKS who played along.

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