Friday, January 25, 2008

The Six Pack: Karen Voight's New Workout Series

Way back in the mid '90's, when I worked out like a fiend, weighed 2 ounces and thought I looked fat, I worked out to Karen Voight videos. I always loved her: excellent cues, with plenty of tips to help you do all the moves correctly and efficiently.

Turns out, unlike me, she's still incredibly active, writing for the Los Angeles Times, being voted “Fitness Instructor of the Year” by I.D.E.A. (International Dance Exercise Association), and making tons of workout DVDs, including her latest release: The Six Pack.

This past fall I started getting into exercise videos again, after the loss of morning light and the realization that my town is crawling with coyotes ended my morning walks. Unfortunately, within a week of receiving this set for review, my left leg was put in a cast for an as-yet-undiagnosed ankle ailment. So I haven't been able to give these videos a shot.

However, I did research them as I would have before purchasing them. I found that:
• Most if not all of the DVDs are repackaged versions of previously released workouts. Which is good for us, because they're are plenty of reviews online.

• All six are highly rated at Collage Video, which I've found to be an impartial, invaluable and reliable resource. More than half of The Six Pack have been named "staff favorites."

• Three of them -- Slim Toning on a Ball, Yoga Power and Quick and Slim, are just 30 minutes long. I love that in a workout, and many mornings, it's a requirement.

I know I could have watched them myself to give you a better review. But did I mention that I'm pretty pissed that I can't work out right now and haven't been able to since November? Watching a fitness video would kick off a pitty party of epic proportions. We don't want that.

Here are some links to make it easy for you, in case you interested in kicking your own butt around the living room.

The Six Pack
1. Strength: Slim Toning on a Ball -- Amazon page, Collage Video reviews
2. Sweat: Quick & Slim - Amazon page, Collage Video reviews
3. Streamline: Yoga Power - Amazon page, Collage Video reviews
4. Strength: Lean Legs & Butt - Amazon page, Collage Video reviews
5. Strength: Firm Arms & Abs - Amazon page, Collage Video reviews
6. Streamline: Pure & Simple Stretch -- Amazon page, Collage Video reviews

If you're into exercise videos, or are getting sick of your routine and want to try something new, you cannot go wrong with these. Promise.

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